Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Always Nice to Hear Kind Words

"Sometimes in life, what is, is good.  And what is good, is good enough."
*Sigh*  After the semi-meltdown last night, I have been met with kind words of support.  Thank you to Nanny Anna for leaving the comment you did - it's nice to know that someone else has gone through what I'm struggling with and was successful in changing that train of thought. 

I am realizing what's behind my way of thinking and I'm slowly trying to correct it.  Actually, I've realized two things which both set me up for failure (both learned while I was growing up - though I'm not that old!)
  1. No matter what I achieved, it was never good enough.  When I reached the bar that was set, it kept getting raised.
  2. I've learned to be dependent on others to function.
Unconsciously, I still do both.  I keep raising the bar, and by doing that, I will never be satisfied.  And on some level, I keep victimizing myself therefore enabling me to ask for help.  So here is my new year's resolution: to know that good is good enough and celebrate the good, and learn how to stand on my own two feet.  I am very lucky to have the support system that I have, but I need to rely on them less.  My hubby has taken too much of the burden on himself - it's time that I help carry the load.

So I am back to celebrating the invite I received yesterday! =)


  1. Stopping by from baby bottom line blog hop and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.


  2. new follower here from

    Thought I'd chime in on your last 2 posts!

    First it's easy to focus on the negative (I tend to do it myself - OFTEN) but in this instance you really need to focus on how hard you have worked in the past to warrant this invite! One less than stellar semester does not negate all your previous academic success!

    I say congrats on the invite! Try to enjoy it! Remember we all have ups & downs - yes even with school - it's inevitable bc life (that pesky thing) gets in the way sometimes!

    Good luck to you!