Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hosting Ideas!

I've started a promo on FB and thought I'd ask if you think it's a good idea and/or if it is something you would be interested in participating in. 

Does this sound like you?

I'd host a party but:
  • I'm busy, I don't have the time
  • my friends are busy and it's hard to get them together all at once
  • the days that work for me don't work for you, or
  • in some way, it's just not convenient
Despite all these reasons, I would still like to take advantage of the host specials/benefits!

Well, if this sounds like you, there are a couple options (that I can think of off-hand):
  1. Host a book/catalogue party!  I will provide you with everything you need - catalogues, order forms, scent samples, etc.
  2. The promo I'm trying out on FB!  I would hold an "online" party once or twice a month, where you can submit orders directly to me (via FB or email).  If total sales are $250 or more, I would randomly award the host offers/benefit to one lucky customer!  That would mean a minimum $62.50 of free products, plus a minimum of one 1/2 price item, along with the host offers! (available to Canadians only, sorry)
Let me know what you think about Option #2!  Do you like it?  Would you change it somehow?


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