Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Balancing is Harder than I Thought!

I thought with the long weekend that I would be able to catch up on things, mainly school.  I was wrong! 

Friday night, I attended a surprise 70th birthday party for my godmother.  Craig was working, so I went with my mom.  It was fun, with the games they played, etc.  But my goodness was there a lot of kids running around.  And that led to the first question most people asked - "Any kids yet?" ("No, not yet.")  "Where's your husband?" ("Working") was the 2nd question.  Funny how that works out.  The response to the "No kids yet" was split into either:  "Why not?" or "That's good.  You're still young."  I prefer the latter, because it doesn't require a long explanation from me.

I had to get up early on Saturday for an appointment, but as soon as that was over, I headed back to bed and slept til noon.  I didn't do much on Saturday, other than relaxed and watch TV.  Even though I knew we had Thanksgiving dinner with the in-laws on Sunday, it was at 4 pm so I thought I'll just study beforehand.

Well, Sunday didn't quite go as planned.  I slept in til noon (I love sleeping in!  The day should start at noon or 1 anyway.)  That gave me 4 hours til we headed to the in-laws.  I thought that still gives me time - wrong!  My mom wanted me to run errands with her and we didn't get home until around 3.  And even though I slept til noon, I was tired when we got home so I headed to bed until we had to leave.  Thanksgiving dinner was good, and we had a good time with the in-laws.
I slept in again on Monday, and put studying off until after Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  Talk about procrastinating!  And yes, I know it's better to study here and there instead of trying to cram the night before but that's just the way it turned out.  I spent 4 1/2 hours just studying for this morning's midterm - which wasn't all that hard - and still didn't cover all the material on the exam.  I woke up early today (only because Craig had work at 9; my midterm was at 9:30) and quickly skimmed over the remaining material.

Needless to say, I didn't accomplish anywhere near what I wanted to accomplish on the long weekend.  I know my priorities, but it just hasn't been working out.  You think by now, I would have school figured out but it's different this time around.  Last time, Craig and I were dating.  Now, we're married and the decisions we make have more of an impact.  I'm just glad he's been so supportive and realizes that a part-time job is a little too much for me to take on (even though it would help financially).  I'm still technically employed but I haven't had any hours for the last couple weeks.  Things could be a lot worse.  Slowly, I'm finding out what my limitations are - I wish I could do it all though.

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