Monday, April 18, 2011

Summary of March Feedback Giveaway - Monday's Question

Sorry it's taken me this long to get back to the Feedback Giveaway, but I found it to be very valuable to me!  Here's what I found out from the responses:

Monday's Question:  Quality Vs. Price
  • 40% purchase your candles exclusively from PartyLite
  • 20% purchase from PartyLite most of the time
  • 20% purchase elsewhere, and the other 20% doesn't purchase candles
  • Average Score (1 - Quality, 10 - Price):  3.8, meaning that Quality is more important than Price
Notable Comments:
  • I like good quality candles, but I just can't justify buying ones that are outrageously expensive.
  • Lots of scents (especially cheap product scents) bother me. I also don't like the soot the cheap ones have. - PartyLite's wicks are 100% cotton and contains no lead or metal, and produce little to no soot!
  • I think that if you buy a super cheap candle that you will get what you pay for!!
  • I like something that lasts and is earth and people friendly (made without toxins/chemicals, etc), but I am very frugal out of necessity. - All of PartyLite's candles are made of food-grade parrafin-based wax (except for the new soy-based candles)
Overall, from the responses, it seems that quality is very important!  I do respect the fact that some people find PartyLite's candles out of their price range, while others find them a good price for their quality.  I will strive to point out specials that PartyLite has, as well as holding my own specials to make PartyLite as affordable as possible!

Agree or disagree with any of my statements?  Please let me know!


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