Friday, November 19, 2010

There are Still Some Decent People Around!

Well here in Edmonton, AB, we just had our first major snowfall of winter!  This makes driving a little more treacherous, as my brother found out tonight.  His car was parked on the side street (along with others).  He started work at midnight and thought he would warm up his car before heading to work.  He headed out only to find that his car had been rear-ended up onto the sidewalk.  We're not sure when it happened but the guy who did it was nice enough to leave my brother a note saying he was heading to the police station to report the accident, left his phone number, license plate, fleet car # (it was a company vehicle) and his name.

I thought that was really nice of him to leave my brother a note and went through all the steps necessary when an accident occurs.  Actually, I'm really impressed.  The skeptic in me believes that some people would have just kept on driving.  It just goes to show you that there are still some decent people in this world.


  1. So sorry for the little accident but at last the guy did the right thing. As you say, there's few people these days that would have done that so kudos to this guy for being a fair player. I am now following you thanks to Follow Friday, and it would be so nice if you could share the love back on my blog;)
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  2. Well, I'll give that guy more credit than I'll ever give the kid that did the same thing to my car parked infront of my parents' house for the weekend.

    Sure... he left me a note also, but probably only because he was my brother's friend when they were growing up.

    Even went to the police to report it... after going home and sleeping a few hours beforehand. I guess when you 'fall asleep at the wheel', sleep takes a higher priority than a visit to the cop shop!

    And luckily your brother's vehicle was only pushed up onto the sidewalk, hopefully, with only minimal damage. Mine, on the other hand, was pushed over 50 feet onto the neighbour's front yard and a complete write-off!

    Needless to say... that was not a great 'April Fools' prank to come home to!

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